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Ag Science Management

Grade Level 11

Course Overview:

The Ag Business Management class is designed as the capstone course of the agriscience pathway. The content of the course includes an introduction to agriculture economics, agriculture finance and accounting, business etiquette, leadership (FFA), and operating an Ag enterprise or working (paid or unpaid) in an Ag science (SAE). The purpose of the Ag Science Management course is to have students use their prior knowledge from their three previous years of agriculture instruction and entrepreneurial experiences and apply that knowledge to concerns of an economic nature. The students who have successfully passed the Ag Science Management course will be able to complete a job application and/or college scholarship application. They will know how to write a business letter of introduction and a thank you letter. These students will have managed a virtual farm as well as have had experience operating their own enterprise or have had experience as an employee or intern for an Ag company. Students will have gained experience in world economic and social affairs. Students will have learned to work together as a team to create a marketing plan for a local business.


Exploring Farmer Cooperatives Samuel Swanson 9/23/2018 4033 KB
Cooperative Marketing Report Samuel Swanson 9/24/2018 5378 KB
2019 - 2020 Job Descriptions Samuel Swanson 11/8/2019 196 KB



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